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How does it work?

With etiquetoc you can design your own clothes and name labels very simply. The name labels come in two types, vinyl for school supplies, baby bottles, food savers, notebooks, shoes etc and transfer for clothes, aprons, bags, etc.

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How do I use it?

  • Design

    In the green area (above) create the name label you want, customizing the text, design, background, etc. When you are done, add it to the cart.

  • Payment

    To complete your purchase you can pay by: Visa, MasterCard, American Express, JCB, Discover, Diners Club and Paypal

  • Shipping

    Once payment is made, we will produce your name labels and you will receive them in the comfort of your own home in approximately 2-5 business days anywhere in the United States.



What size and number of name labels come in my purchase?

Name labels come in 4’’ x 8’’ (10 x 20 cm) sheets. Depending on the selected size and design of your name labels, the number on the sheets varies.

  • You can see the size of the name labels next to the size selector, for example: medium (2/5’’ x 3/4’’)
  • You can see the number of name labels on each sheet next to the size selector, for example: 1 sheet (30 labels)

What are the name labels made of?

We use two different materials to make the name labels, and the main difference is in their use. They are:

  • The vinyl name labels are ideal for use on plastic materials, wood and glass. Due to their high durability they can be applied on products both indoors and outdoors and without any inconvenience and resist washing both by hand and dishwasher. For more information watch the resistance proof video.
  • The transferable name labels are appropriate for clothes and other fabrics. They are attached by using an iron on cotton, synthetic, wool, etc. The material is highly durable and resists washing without any inconvenience washing both by hand and washing machine. For more information watch the ironing instruction video or the resistance proof video.

How are the name labels applied?

The name labels are applied as follows:

  • For the vinyl name labels  you only have to take them off the sheets and then stick them on the desired surface, which should be clean and free of grease or oil in order to improve adherence.
  • The fabric name labels need to be adhered by using heat. In order to do this, peel off the name label, put it on the garment on which you wish to stick them, with the design upwards, and place an iron on the name label at 350F (180°). Wait between 10 and 30 seconds depending on the fabric and the label will adhere to the cloth. To see the instructions video click on this link.

Do they resist water and sunlight?

Both the vinyl and fabric name labels resist water and sunlight under situations of normal use and easily withstand washing. Long exposure to sunlight causes the name label to discolor as they have no ultraviolet protection. The same thing happens if the name label is left underwater for long periods with abrasive elements is exposed to high temperatures.

Can I create multiple name labels?

Yes, you can create and order as many name labels as you like. To create name labels with different texts (and designs) follow this procedure:

  • Create your name label and select “add to cart”
  • Once in the cart click on “create another name label”, which is under the “continue” button (this will send you back to the making name labels mode)
  • Make the changes you wish to the new name label and again press “add to cart”
  • You can repeat these steps if you want more name labels. When you are satisfied with your name labels press the “continue” button to complete your order.

What are the available payment methods?

The accepted payment methods are Visa, MasterCard, American Express, JCB, Discover, Diners Club and Paypal

How long do my name labels take to arrive?

Name labels are normally printed in 1-2 business days (e.g., if the order is made on Friday, we will print it for Monday or Tuesday). Then we proceed to ship the name labels with USPS, which takes approximately three business days to anywhere in the United States. To sum up, you will normally receive your name labels in approximately 5 business days after payment, that is in a minimum of 4 and a maximum of 7 business days .

Can I cancel my order?

You can cancel your order before it is printed and we will refund total payment (depending on the payment method transaction charges may apply).

Can I return my name labels?

You can return your name labels if they are defective. When you return them, you can choose either to have a refund or to have your name labels reprinted. Depending on the payment method transaction charges may apply.

Is there a discount for quantity?

If you need more than 30 sheets write to us and we will send you a discount code.

Can you print name labels that are not on the website?

We don't do this at present. The only options we have for creating your name labels are found on the website. If you don't find anything you like, please write to us. We always like to hear new ideas!




  • Our name labels are not only beautiful but highly resistant. We prove this in this video by using a brush to scrub them.
  • Our name labels are applied in just 5 easy steps. Watch the instructions in this video as well as the most common mistakes and how to solve them.


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